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Why was this site created?
In the past few seasons, there have been many disgruntled viewers of "Saturday Night Live", who, at the end of a live show, kick their televisions and complain that they could write better material. There have been other fans who like to predict what types of sketches will appear on the show, based on announced hosts and events in the news. This site caters to both sets of viewers - those who want to prove they can do better, and those who enjoy writing comedy for fun and just feel like showing off.

Who are the ad wizards that came up with that one?
The idea for Saturday Night You was first proposed by Patrick Lonergan at his SNL Transcripts message board; Tony Dumont later coined the site's title. Lonergan designed the web site and continues to maintain it with each update, but it's the fans who ultimately keep the site moving with their humorous sketch contributions.

Are you in any way associated with "SNL"?
Only as a longtime viewer of the show. I've never stepped foot in New York City, never met Lorne Michaels, never rummaged through the man's garbage, or anything like that! In fact, there is no proof that anyone from "SNL" has either seen this site or is willing to acknowledge its existence. Sending sketches to us will not get your foot in the door to NBC.

Can I send sketches directly to Saturday Night Live?
You can, but you won't ever see it on air. In fact, you might not ever see your sketch again (better make a copy for yourself before you send it off!).
Here's the official proclamation from NBC's "SNL" page:
"NBC and Saturday Night Live will not accept any unsolicited scripts, ideas, drafts or sketches. If you do send your ideas or material, you waive any claims to your submission. We’re serious."

Point well taken - do we waive any claims to our submission if we send them to Saturday Night You?
Any submission you send to Saturday Night You remains your possession at all times. You're allowing us to post your sketch on our site, and we're inviting you to store it here for others to see.

Who can send in sketches to Saturday Night You?
Everyone is welcome to send in sketches for our updates, by sending your sketch though email. However, depending on the volume of submissions, not all sketches can be posted.

Are the guidelines regarding sketch submissions?
A few basic rules:
  • No using SNL's stock of recurring characters. Not only did this get out of hand with the weekly "Celebrity Jeopardy" parodies, but it also defeats the site's purpose of showcasing original fan material. Celebrity impressions previously performed on SNL are okay, as long as it doesn't get out of hand (ie. "Hardball", "Live! with Regis & Kelly".) You're welcomed to create your own recurring characters and themes - we want to hear your voice in your sketches!
  • Check your spelling - anything that looks like it hasn't been proofread won't be posted to the site.
  • 2-sketch limit per writer - we'd like to maintain a level of diversity among the sketches, giving newcomers a chance to show their talents alongside the big guns who contribute regularly.
  • Submissions are not reviewed until six days prior to the next episode, so submissions need not be sent until that time. Submissions received earlier will not be read until the six-day countdown.
  • Often, more than one cold opening or monologue is submitted. Formerly, we were accepting the first submission received, but this has caused cold openings and monologues to be sent in weeks in advance, to ensure acceptance. To deter from this, cold openings and monologues received during the week will now be rated by an unbiased panel, and the funniest/best one will be posted to that week's update. Writers who submit both a cold opening and a monologue can only be chosen for one or the other, depending upon which one received the higher rating from the panel.
  • Please refrain from putting yourself in a sketch.
  • Writers can meet at the SNY chat room each Sunday night at 8pm EST to discuss potential sketch ideas or comment about the live show from the night before.

    What if I only have an idea for a sketch?
    Join us in our weekly Live Chat on Yahoo, Sunday/Thursday nights at 8pm EST, so other fans and writers can make helpful suggestions or comments. Site visitors are always encouraged to join us in Chat for an evening of drama and laughs - come see us!

    Is there a chance that a talent scout might discover my work and hire me to write for SNL?
    We already know that "Saturday Night Live" doesn't accept unsolicited sketch submissions from viewers, so it's probably best not to hold one's breath in hopes that you'll be discovered for your contributions to this site. But that's a long-term goal, anyway. Since this site has just been created, a more realistic goal for the time being is for the site to gain popularity among fellow fans, resulting in more fans sending in material, and an even greater number of fans logging on to see what new material has been posted. There are many "SNL" viewers who aspire to one day write for the show, so we hope Saturday Night You will serve as a great place for them to hone their comedy writing skills! If talent scouts happen to notice us, that would be great, but for now we're just here to have fun.

    So, there's no guarantee that contributing to this site will help me achieve instant fame and success?
    For questions concerning the achievement of instant fame and success, we suggest you try contacting John Wayne Bobbitt and/or Monica Lewinsky!

    You guys suck - newborn monkeys can write funnier material.
    Not technically a question, but we offer these two responses:
  • No one is forcing you to visit our site, and we certainly don't cater to masochistics, so pretend we don't exist.
  • Submit your own sketch and show us what real comedy is all about - that's why this site is here in the first place. It's an old saying, but.. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. So chomp on that!